Pre and Post-show student engagement

Orlando Repertory Theatre hosts over 40,000 students for field trips every year, but the fun and learning does not need to stop there! Orlando REP understands the power of live performance  and connecting high quality arts experiences to learning goals across the curriculum.

Our Field Trip Plus program is designed for classrooms and homeschool groups. Our teaching artists use research-based strategies to deepen student learning and engagement around a visit to an Orlando REP production. With this package, an Orlando REP teaching artist will visit your classroom once in the week before and once in the week after your field trip to facilitate arts integration activities rooted in Florida State Standards that will prepare your students to see the performance and allow them to reflect afterwards on what they learned.

Price: $50 per classroom add-on (Price includes both the pre- and post-show workshop.)

Reserve Workshop: Email [email protected] to add Field Trip Plus workshops to your reservation!

2018/19 Season Offerings

Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook

Pre-Show Workshop

Junie B. is at it again, and this time she is learning about the ups and downs of “Finder’s Keepers.” In this workshop, students will prepare their minds and bodies for their field trip to Orlando REP. Students will participate in on-your-feet activities that ask them to reflect on the concept of “finder’s keepers,” what it means to have self-discipline, and how to practice proper audience etiquette.

Post-Show Workshop

Junie B. Jones exhibits many virtues through her adventures. Students will learn about virtues such as respect, honesty, and citizenship. They will reflect on their own experiences practicing these virtues and the actions they took to get there.

Florida State Standards Addressed: LAFS.K-5.L.3.4., LAFS.K-5.RI.1.2., LAFS.K-5.SL.1.1., HE.K-5.P.8.1., TH.K-5.H.3.3., TH.K-5.S.1.1.


Elf The Musical

Pre-Show Workshop

Elf The Musical is a stage adaptation of the Christmas classic movie Elf. Through theatre games and discussion, the students will explore the vocabulary word “adaptation.” They will practice being a director and work together to create physical “illustrations” to highlight the themes they will see in Elf The Musical.  The students will also explore the theatre term “soundscape” and practice proper audience etiquette.

Post-Show Workshop

Buddy the Elf solves his father’s dilemma by turning his tale into a storybook. Students will examine the vocabulary word “fable” and turn  their own stories into adventure fables. Through on-your-feet activities, the students will explore story structure and morals. The students will each get a chance to practice presenting their stories to the class!

Florida State Standards Addressed: LAFS.K-5.RL.1.2., LAFS.K-5.RL.3.7., LAFS.K-5.L.3.4., LAFS.K-5.SL.1.1., LAFS.K-5.SL.2.4., TH.K-5.S.1.1., TH.K-5.H.2.2., TH.K-5.C.2.2, TH.K-5.C.3.1., TH.K-5.F.3.1.


Ella Enchanted The Musical 

Pre-Show Workshop

What would happen if you were cursed and couldn’t tell anyone about it? That is precisely what happens to Ella in this modern musical re-telling of Cinderella. In this workshop, students will engage in on-your-feet activities to explore the idea of curses and secrets, in fairy tales and scenarios of their own imagining. They will also review vocabulary from the play and practice proper audience etiquette.

Post-Show Workshop

After their field trip, students will respond to the production and consider how Ella Enchanted The Musical compares to traditional telling of Cinderella. They will practice improvisation through pantomime and commands. Then, students will imagine their own retellings of traditional fairy tales focusing on human ingenuity and the power of language to solve the problems in the story.

Florida State Standards Addressed: LAFS.K-5.RL.3.9. LAFS.K-5.RL.2.5., LAFS.2.W.1.3., TH.K-5.C.2.2., TH.K-5.S.1.1., TH.K-5.H.2.2., TH.K-5.H.3.2.


Beat Bugs: A Musical Adventure

Pre-Show Workshop

Based on the original Netflix series of the same name, Beat Bugs: A Musical Adventure follows a group of friends that use creative problem-solving to save their beloved Strawberry Fields. Because of the stinkbug, Mean Mr. Mustard, Strawberry Fields goes through many changes that make their home unrecognizable. In this pre-show workshop, students will work with narrative pantomime to learn about the life cycle of a seed and the variety of changes the average plant undergoes in its lifespan. They will also review vocabulary from the play and practice proper audience etiquette.

Post-Show Workshop

In this post-show workshop, students will use group storytelling to explore how friendship and working together helped the Beat Bugs save their home, and how we can protect and conserve our own environments. Students will identify the beginning, middle, and end of their own conservation story, exploring vocabulary words from the show, such as “nature preserve” and “pollution”.  

Florida State Standards Addressed: TH.K-5.C.1.1, TH.K-5.S.1.1, TH.K-5.F.3.1, TH.K-5.S.3.1,TH.K-5.S.3.2, SC.K-5.N.1.1, SC.K-5.L.14.2, SC.K-5.L.17.1, LAFS.K-5.RL.1.3, LAFS.K-5.RL.3.7, LAFS.K-5.RL.2.5


Seussical The Musical TYA

Pre-Show Workshop

Students will reunite with Dr. Seuss’s beloved books through this interactive workshop. They will enjoy storytime, explore Dr. Seuss’s A-A-B-B rhyming scheme, and use music in the classroom to march to their own drums! Afterwards, they will practice proper audience etiquette to prepare them for their day at the theatre.

Post-Show Workshop

Seussical The Musical TYA is a musical medley of brilliantly conceived and costumed characters for the stage. In this workshop, students will reflect on the design elements of the show. They will practice becoming one of Dr. Seuss’s characters (real or not real!), and try their hand at designing their own costumes.

Florida State Standards Addressed: LAFS.K-5.RI.1.2., LAFS.K-5.RL.1.3., LAFS.K-5.RL.2.5., LAFS.K-5.SL.1.1., TH.K-5.C.1.1., TH.K-5.O.1.2., TH.K-5.S.1.1., TH.K-5.S.3.2.


The Field Trip Plus Program is generously supported by Florida Theatrical Association.