Pre- and Post-show student engagement

  • Orlando Repertory Theatre hosts over 40,000 students for field trips every year, but the fun and learning does not need to stop there! Orlando REP understands the power of live performance  and connecting high quality arts experiences to learning goals across the curriculum.
  • Bookend your Orlando REP experience with Pre- and Post-show experiences that are rooted in Florida State Standards and Arts Integration to deepen student learning and engagement across the curriculum!
  • Our Field Trip Plus program is designed for classrooms and homeschool groups.

Price: $50 per classroom add-on (30 student maximum)

Price includes both the pre-show materials and post-show workshop.

Reserve Field Trip Plus: Email [email protected] to add Field Trip Plus to your reservation!

Pre-Show Materials include:

Pre-show materials are emailed to you no less than one week before your field trip.

  • Theatre Etiquette Guide (TH.2.H.1.2; TH.4.O.1; TH.68.S.1.1)
  • A Context Video featuring information and discussion questions on important social, historical, or cultural contexts of the production. (TH.5.H.1.1; TH.68.H.2.3; TH.912.H.1.4)
  • Design or Production Features specific to this production you can look for on stage. (TH.1.C.2.2; TH.68.C.3.1; TH.912.C.1.8)


Post-Show Workshop includes:

Post-show workshops take place at your school within a week following your field trip or at Orlando REP the day of your field trip, pending availability of space.

Tuck Everlasting

A 50-minute workshop where students reflect on symbolism in the storytelling and visual elements of Orlando REP’s production of Tuck Everlasting and create characters inspired by the story through persuasive letter writing.

(LAFS.5.RL.2.4; WL.K12.SU.5.7; WL.K12.AM.5.6; TH.912.S.1.5)

How I Became A Pirate

A 50-minute workshop where students explore elements of pantomime such as size, shape, and weight while also practicing specificity in their word choice by writing instructions and following directions. 

(WL.K12.IL.4.4; WL.K12.NH.1.6; TH.1.S.3.1; TH.68.O.2.4)

Miracle in Bedford Falls

A 50-minute workshop where students examine similarities and differences in text from the original short story The Greatest Gift, a non-musical script of It’s a Wonderful Life, and the Orlando REP musical Miracle in Bedford Falls while demonstrating an understanding of projection and vocal expression.

(LAFS.68.RL.3.7; LAFS.1112.RL.3.7; TH.68.S.3.1; TH.912.S.2.6)

Anne of Green Gables

A 50-minute workshop where students bring text from Anne of Green Gables to life through tableau and create their own descriptive text to enrich original narratives.

(WL.K12.IM.5.7; LAFS.5.RL.2.4; TH.68.O.2.4)

Pete the Cat

A 30-40-minute workshop where students use their imaginations to think positively and find solutions while exploring cause and effect through creative movement. 

(HE.K.P.8.1; HE.3.P.8.1; TH.K.F.3.1)

Disney’s Freaky Friday

50-minute workshop where students explore the basics of improvisation and use these skills to examine varying perspectives and point of view. 

(G.K12.4.1.2b; WL.K12.AH.3.3; TH.68.F.1.3; TH.912.F.1.2)


The Field Trip Plus Program is generously supported by Florida Theatrical Association.