Field Trip Plus

The fun and learning does not need to stop when the performance is done! Bookend your Orlando REP experience with Pre- and Post-show experiences that are rooted in Florida State Standards and Arts Integration to deepen student learning and engagement across the curriculum!

 Price: $50 per classroom add-on (30 student maximum per classroom)

Price includes both the digital pre-show materials and Teaching Artist led post-show workshop.


Vote? A play by Eric Coble

Pre-show materials include:

  • Lesson planning packet featuring information and discussion questions on important social, historical, or cultural contexts of the production. (TH.5.H.1.1; TH.68.H.2.3; TH.912.H.1.4)
  • Design or production features specific to this production you can look for on stage. (TH.1.C.2.2; TH.68.C.3.1; TH.912.C.1.8)

Pre-show materials are emailed to you prior to your field trip date or scheduled streaming.

Post-show Workshop includes:   

  • A 50-minute workshop where students reflect on civic engagement and other themes present in Orlando REP’s production of Vote? Students will use digital storytelling strategies to generate original writing and digital narratives that focus on the power of their voices.  (LAFS.5-8.RL.2.4, LAFS.5-8.W.2.6, LAFS.5-8.RL.3.7, LAFS.5-8.SL.1.AP.1c) (VA.3.C.1.1, VA.5.O.3.1) (TH.Cr2.1.6a., TH.Cr2.1.6b.)

Post-show workshops take place virtually within a week following your field trip or scheduled streaming.


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