Writes of Spring

A writing competition organized by UCF Graduate Students in partnership with Orlando Repertory Theatre

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For the 2023/2024 creative writing competition, the prompt is:

To Be Announced in Fall 2023

Description of the Writing Contest and Production

  • Writes of Spring is a three-part event in its 21st year with Orlando REP. The first component of the competition involves students submitting a one page written response to a prompt.
  • When all submissions have been collected, student works are sent to a panel of adjudicators who are given a rubric to evaluate each student submission. When all submissions have been scored, winners are selected to have their writing adapted in a brand new theatrical work. This piece is created by professional theatre makers and is presented as a new work in February.
  • The third component is granting recognition to the winners. Winners are notified in January that they have been selected. Winners are also invited to a live performance of the new work and given a copy of the script in which they are given credit for their own words.

Schedule for 2023-2024

Date Event Notes
September 2023 Submissions Open Students are invited to submit electronic copies via the link above. (Submission link will be available beginning September 22nd)

If you would like to submit entries via mail, please reach out to [email protected] for details.

October 2023 Submissions Close Submissions are only accepted until 11:59 pm on this date.
January 2024 Winners Notified Winners are notified that their works have been chosen via the teacher email that is given with the submission.
Spring 2024 Winner’s Workshop A free workshop is held for the winners to explore the themes and ideas that have come out of the script.  More information forthcoming.
Spring 2024 Invited Performance Winners are invited to a live performance of the new work that has originated from their submissions.



    1. Give K-12 students a platform to share their writing talents, contributing to a collaborative work of new theatre.
    2. Give students creative stimulation in their writing by opening the competition to a variety of written media.
    3. Reward students of all ages by honoring winners of all grades K-12 and highlighting their individual talents.
    4. Create meaningful new theatre works based on student submitted writings.


Find Writes of Spring K-12th Grade Creative Writing Contest rules here!