Writes of Spring

A writing competition organized by UCF Graduate Students

in partnership with the Orlando Repertory Theatre

Presented by

See the 2018 winner names below!

Last First School Title Grade
Arias Elyse Master’s Academy Untold Stories 7th
Beekman Alex St. Barnabas Cheerleading 6th
Bertolucci David Palm Lake Elementary How Views Inspire Me 2nd
Branch Avery St. Barnabas Be Still 8th
Callies Amanda Arbor Ridge The World Through My Eyes 6th
Caven Chloe St. Barnabas My Life Changing Experience 6th
Caroine Chanfrau St. Barnabas Dancing 8th
Chanfrau Wiliam St. Barnabas Catching a Lobster 5th
Donahue Hailey Sanford Middle How the World Was Ending 8th
Cheatham Melinda Home School Discrimination 8th
Clark Isabella St. John Vianney Fight for Freedom 8th
Clouser Nicholas St. JohnVianney Leonardo Di Vinci 8th
Coen Brianna St. Barnabas Life of a Female Football Player 6th
Cohen Thomas Palm Lake Elementary The Typewriter 5th
Cotton Jonathan St. Barnabas Friendship 6th
Delvalle Maliha St. John Vianney Following the American Dream 8th
Diaz Anasofia St. John Vianney Only One Lesson 8th
Firebaugh Sammie Home School I am Unique 5th
Foster Adalyn St. Barnabas Life 5th
Froemming Samantha Orangewood Christian Social Media 8th
Garcia Peyton Legacy Middle Being Comfortable With Me 6th
Goodowens Liam Ampersand School – Intentional Learning Umbrella MII 9th
Hagy Erin Orangewood Christian Lady of Gray 8th
Harvie Robert Orangewood Christian SHARK! 7th
Hilerio Alfonso Master’s Academy Why Christianity is the Best 7th
Hill Emma St. Barnabas Dogs 5th
Hinton Kera Home School Mechanical Heart 10th
Bowers Alexia Liberty Christian I Am Me 11th
Budzinski Kate St. Barnabas Being a Reader 3rd
Depasquale Trever Manatee Cove Dragons Are Real 4th
Hancock Ryu St. Barnabas My Life Changing Experience 3rd
Holder Emma St. Barnabas Why My Family is Different 8th
Iiames Hannah Southwest Middle My Perspective On Our Youth 8th
Lin Abigail Sanford Middle Technology 8th
Love Summer Orangewood Christian Sailing Into Trouble 7th
Lukas Ivy Home School Pain 10th
Malhotra Abhinav Sanford Middle The Shopping Bag and Its Journey 6th
Manning Luke Sanford Middle The Strength and Pain of the Manning Household 6th
Mavrofrides Martha St. John Vianney Anne Frink 7th
Mavrofrides Theodorous St. John Vianney Loss in a Lifetime 8th
McCrady Olivia Orangewood Christian A New Start Blooming 7th
McCully Macie Winter Park High School Firsts 9th
Michaels Joseph St. John Vianney My Grandpa 7th
Nguyen Timia St. John Vianney Generations 8th
Nowry Nicole Orangewood Christian Life 8th
Otero Isabella St. John Vianney Gone but Not Forotten 8th
Penny Alicia Orangewood Christian Doctor’s Dream 7th
Raisa Sohana Sanford Middle All You Need is One Voice 6th
Ross Cassina Home School The Cats Quandary 3rd
Rossen Amanda Jane St. Barnabas Let Me Tell You About God 5th
Russell Emma St. Barnabas How I See the World 4th
San Martin Elise Orangewood Christian The Night I Could Never Remember 8th
Schaible Kailey Sanford Middle Breaking Mental Health Barriers 8th
Scheels Emily Liberty Christian Growing Up 11th
Shepherd Alex Sanford Middle The Answer 6th
Sloan Abagail Orangewood Christian Summer and School 8th
Stack Hailey Lake Nona High School The Graveyard 12th
Stamper Emmery Palm Lake Elementary Colors I See 1st
Stone Skylar St. Barnabas My Perspective of the World Is… 4th
Sullivan Andrew Palm Lake Elementary Fall 2nd
Sumalpong Clyza St. John Vianney The Impact of a Mother 8th
Vaidyanathan Annika Sanford Middle Ending Hatred Once and For All; “United we Stand, Divided We Fall” 8th
Van Dyke Erin Home School I Love Space 1st
Venables Claudia St. Barnabas Why People from the UK Spell Words Different Than the USA 6th
Vickaryous Evan Master’s Academy The Blue Stone 7th

See the 2018 Honorable Mention names below!

Allen Timothy Manatee Cove My Dog 4th
Arango Luke St. John Vianney Legacy 8th
Brandt Stephen St. Barnabas The Game 5th
Collins Otto Home School Florida Igloo (and Sendryu Poem) 4th
Evelyn Cui Sanford Middle YOLO 6th
George Katie St. Barnabas Being a Student 3rd
Gomez Matthew St. John Vianney Benjamin Franklin 7th
Hayes Rodney Sanford Middle Spring Basketball 6th
Hill Ryan Orangewood Christian The Candy Man 7th
Huddleston Evie Sanford Middle The Monster Within 6th
Jackson Deandrea Sanford Middle Thanksgiving 6th
James Alexandra St. Barnabas My Dog 5th
Johnson Avery Orangewood Christian What Christopher Columbus Thinks About Sailing 7th
Kohn Hannah Master’s Academy One Tree Hill 7th
Lehnen Emily St. John Vianney A Letter to My Inspiration 8th
Lord Molly St. Barnabas My Home 8th
Lower Jules St. Barnabas The Legendary Carp 6th
Marcelin Faith-Anne Sanford Middle Take a Knee 8th
Morales Alondra St. John Vianney A Better Future 8th
Moylan Kylie St. Barnabas Middle School 6th
Patel Yash St. John Vianney Big Sacrifices Earn You Big Rewards 8th
Roberts-House Lola Sanford Middle The Mirror 6th
Sandifer Sydney Sanford Middle The Rock 6th
Sloan James Orangewood Christian Beautiful Game 8th
Tiqui Katrina St. John Vianney Interview for my Grandma 7th
Wall Amanda St. John Vianney 9/11 A Life-Changing Event 8th
Wohlever Hannah Master’s Academy Words 7th


    1. Writes of Spring aims to give K-12 students a platform to share their writing talents, contributing to a collaborative work of new theatre.
    2. Writes of Spring aims to gives students creative stimulation in their writing by opening the competition to a variety of written media.
    3. Writes of Spring aims to reward students of all ages by honoring winners of all grades K-12 and highlighting their individual talents.
    4. Writes of Spring aims to create meaningful new theatre works based on student submitted writings.

Description of the Event

    1. Writes of Spring is a three-part event in it’s 15th year with Orlando REP. The first component of the competition involves students submitting a one page written response to a prompt. For the 2017/2018 competition, that prompt is:

“From My Perspective: Let Me Tell You About… “

    1. When all submissions have been collected, student works are sent to a panel of adjudicators who are given a rubric to evaluate each student submission. When all submissions have been scored, winners are selected to have their writing adapted in a brand new theatrical work. This piece is created by professional theatre makers and is presented as a new work in February.
    2. The third component is the granting recognition to the winners. Winners are notified in November that they have been selected. They are then invited to a winner’s workshop at Orlando REP to explore the themes and ideas associated with the new work. Winners are also invited to a performance of the new work and given a copy of the script in which they are given credit for their own words.


Date Event Notes
September 15, 2017 Submissions Open Students are invited to submit only electronic copies via Submittable. More information forthcoming.
October 24, 2017 Submissions Close Submissions are only accepted until 11:59 pm on this date.
November 15, 2017 Winners Notified Winners are notified that their works have been chosen via the email that is given with the “Submittable” submission.
January TBA, 2018 Winner’s Workshop A free workshop is held for the winners at the Orlando REP to explore the themes and ideas that have come out of the script.  More information forthcoming.
February 2, 2018 Invited Performance Winners are invited to a performance of the new work that has originated from their submissions  More information forthcoming.

Conditions of Entry

    1. Submissions are only accepted electronically through Submittable between September 15 and October 24, 2017. Submissions received via e-mail or postal service may be disqualified.
    2. Submissions must include text and be no longer than one page. Submissions over one page are only evaluated for the first page (though they will not be disqualified).
    3. Submissions must be original work. Citations of other published works are acceptable if credit is given and the submission includes more than just cited work. Submissions that do not meet this guideline will be disqualified.
    4. Submissions are accepted in English or Spanish only due to the limitations of our adjudicators.
    5. Written submissions may be fiction or nonfiction and may include, but are not limited to:
      1. Interviews
      2. Short Stories
      3. Short plays, scenes or monologues and speeches
      4. Biographical or Autobiographical works
      5. Poems
      6. “How-To” guides
      7. Short Essays
      8. Obituaries
      9. Personal Letters
    6. Illustrated submissions are accepted on the basis that there is at least one sentence of text and that the image and text are limited to one page. Illustrations may be used in connection with the new text at the discretion of Orlando REP staff and associates. A limited number of winners will be notified for exemplary illustrated submissions.
    7. Submissions must not include personal information that could lead to the bias of a judge. This includes student name, school name,  contact information, grade. Submittable will provide the platform to include this information, and thus it should not be written on the work itself.
    8. Submissions MUST be received by October 24, 2017 at 11:59 pm


    1. Entries are coded to ensure transparent and unbiased adjudication.
    2. Entries are evaluated based on 3 points of criteria.
      1. Adherence to the prompt —There must be a clear line of connection to the prompt and the submission.
      2. Technical Writing Ability — The writing will be evaluated for adhering to language and grammar conventions appropriate to age and grade.
      3. Content — The writing will be evaluated for craft, and it’s ability to creatively respond to the prompt.
    3. A minimum of one winner will be chosen from each school that has at least 5 submissions. Home schools will be evaluated together as one school for the purposes of this competition.
    4. Each grade level will have at least one winner chosen, with no more than 15 winners from any one grade. A total of up to 120 winners will be selected.
    5. Adjudication will be done based on a rubric given to the judges. The judges will be over 21 years of age, have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and not be affiliated with any school that presented submissions to the Writes of Spring competition for the 2017/2018 year.

Note: The decision of the judging panel is considered final. No correspondence is entered into after the results are announced.

  1. Copyright
    1. Copyright remains with the author(s) though each entrant gives permission to Orlando REP, the Writes of Spring Coordinator and associates to use whole or part of the submitted short stories and CD recordings in printed and electronic forms as well as on the Internet in future promotional materials and/or as curriculum resources
  1. Enquiries
    1. All information about Writes of Spring  is available on the Orlando REP website. For further information, please contact the Writes of Spring Coordinator at [email protected]