General Youth Academy FAQs

What is the drop-off/pick-up procedure?


  • At your scheduled drop-off time, report to your assigned drop-off location (Welcome Point). Non-students must remain in the vehicle.
  • Students are escorted inside the building to wash their hands before reporting to their class space.
  • 9th-12th grade students may utilize self-check in/out by bringing in a self-check in/out form filled out by a guardian. These are available upon parent request on the first day of class or during registration.
    • Self driving students must have a signed self-check in/out form.
    • Self-check in/out only applies to arrival and dismissal, not breaks during the day. If breaks are long enough that the REP allows students to leave, the education office still needs permission from a parent.


  • Student pick-up is conducted outside the building at the same location as your drop-off (Welcome Point). Parents and approved pick-up individuals must remain in their vehicles.
  • Students remain socially distanced inside the building.
  • To expedite pick-up, parents are provided two vehicle placards with their student’s last name to be placed on the dashboard for pick-up. This allows our staff to prepare your student for pick-up when your vehicle approaches the Welcome Point.
  • Parents and approved pick-up individuals must have the provided vehicle placards displayed on the dashboard when picking up. Approved pick-up individuals without a vehicle placard displayed are required to present a photo ID and be on the approved pickup list generated from the student’s registration.
  • A staff member escorts your student to the vehicle for curbside pick-up.
  • Once your student’s pick-up is complete, please clear the area to expedite other pick-ups.
  • All persons authorized to pick up students must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Additional names may be added to the pick-up list by completing an emergency contact form or emailing [email protected].
  • Students should be picked up promptly at dismissal time. Please give us a call at (407) 896-7365 any time you are running late. Late arrivals may incur charges up to $1 per minute.


What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Covid-19 Refund Promise

Our promise to you: If we must cancel an in-person class prior to the start date due to Covid 19, a full refund is issued within 5-7 business days. If the in-person class is already in session, prorated refunds are issued upon cancellation. As class spots are limited, we want you to feel confident guaranteeing a spot now.

All other refunds for withdrawal incur a $25 administrative fee.

Classes/Camps/Performance Workshops

  • All withdrawal requests must be sent in writing to [email protected]
  • If a student withdraws from a class before the first day of class, the registration cost is refunded, less the $25 administrative fee.
  • If a student withdraws from a class at any time on or after the day of the program, no refunds are given. The only exception is a medical reason, which requires a physician’s note. In the event of a withdrawal due to a medical issue, the registration fee is prorated, the unused portion is refunded, and the administrative fee waived.
  • Orlando REP reserves the right to alter or cancel scheduled programs as necessary. If a program is cancelled, a full refund of the cancelled program’s tuition is issued.


Is there an orientation?

  • Currently there are no class or camp orientations. Please read our welcome letter thoroughly and reach out with any questions to [email protected]


What is the dress code?

Students should dress in shoes and clothes in which they can comfortably move.

  • We play a variety of theatre games for which dresses/skirts, and sandals/flip-flops are not appropriate.
  • Clunky or excessive jewelry is discouraged.
  • All students should bring and wear a face mask at all times. Appropriate masks breaks will be taken throughout the day when social distancing or outside.


What are Orlando REP’s health and medical policies?

  • Please see our Keeping Camps Safe document here to review policies related to Covid-19.
  • Basic first aid, such as adhesive bandages and ice packs, are available. Orlando REP staff does not administer pain relievers or other medications to students.
  • Orlando REP staff is trained to administer Epi-Pens, if necessary. A release form must be completed for children with Epi Pens.
  • Orlando REP requires emergency telephone numbers on file for parents/guardians, as well as emergency contact numbers for a secondary person when primary contacts cannot be reached.
  • In the event of an emergency, Orlando REP may call 911 for medical attention on behalf of a student.
  • If medical treatment is necessary, every attempt to reach the primary parents/guardians is made.
  • Secondary contacts are a last resort.


Is there a snack break in addition to lunch?

Only in classes that run 9am-4pm

  • Please avoid packing products with peanut or tree-nut ingredients. Thank you for your help in keeping all our students safe and healthy as we have many students with severe nut allergies.
  • Most classes have multiple water breaks in which students may want to have a quick snack if they get hungry often. Snacks are not provided for students who do not bring them, unless specific arrangements have been made between parents and staff. Water bottles are recommended.
  • Students are encouraged to put their name on everything.


Are there auditions for classes?

  • There are no auditions required to register for classes, camps, or Performance Workshops at Orlando REP.
  • Performance Workshops do have a final performance with assigned roles. The students audition for these roles during the first class of the session.
    • Casting is at the discretion of the Teaching Artists for the best possible production and learning experience for the students.


Is there a final presentation?

Yes! Camp presentations are intended to be lively presentations of class work. Families and friends of presenting students are invited to join us for this celebration of their Youth Academy experience.

  • Presentations occur on the last day of camp. Exact times for these presentations are announced on the first day of camp.
  • Students should arrive for camp at their usual time.
  • Parents are invited to enter the theatre at the presentation time and students may be signed out once their presentation is over.

Do I need to prepare anything special for my child’s presentation?


    • Your student is given an Orlando REP t-shirt to wear for the presentation that they can put on over their clothes for the day.
    • It is a special day, but we ask that students not wear skirts or dresses for the final presentation.
    • No tickets or reservations are needed.

Performance Workshops: Maybe!

    • Reservations or tickets may be required. You will be notified at the start of your camp. You are able to reserve tickets by calling the REP box office 407-896-7365.
    • Teachers may ask students to wear a certain color of pants or shoes for the final performance but we do not expect anyone to go out and buy anything new.

Do you provide extended care beyond the camp day?

Only for Sumer and Spring Break.

  • Extended Care is supervised, but unstructured times offered to assist with family schedules. Extended care may include movies, outside play, or games. Tuition is charged per week and pro-rating is not available.