Orlando Repertory Theatre is committed to the link between literacy and the arts.

Engaged Learning through the Arts (ELTA) is a program designed for teachers, students, and early childhood centers.

All workshop content, model lessons, and resources are rooted in Florida State Standards and specifically English Language Arts Standards and Pre-K Frog Street Curriculum (dependent on grade level). Our offerings not only reach students and are designed to provide professional development for teachers in Arts Integration Strategies that support teacher confidence, creativity, and classroom engagement.

Story Drama Residencies

For Early Childhood through 2nd Grade Classrooms

Story Drama is an arts-based approach to exploring stories. We invite students to bring stories to life, which supports language activation, context building, and comprehension. Theatre becomes a creative access point to enter the world of stories!

Choose three lessons and build a customized residency!


Field Trip Workshops

For K-12 grade Classrooms

┬áDon’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance the experience of attending a field trip performance. Engage students in creative and critical thinking around content areas related to the production while connecting to your curricular goals.

Pre- or Post- Show

Field Trip Workshops


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Bring stories to life in your classroom

Link a series of lessons together for a customizable Story Drama Residency.




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Arts Integration Professional Development

Strategy Workshops

For Early Childhood through 2nd Grade Teachers

Strategy workshops show teachers how to use drama strategies creatively in their literacy instruction.

Teaching through creative use of the body.
Teaching through frozen pictures.
Teaching through creative use of the voice.
Teaching through becoming a character.

Arts Integration Seminars

For K-8 Grade Teachers

Arts Integration Seminars include model lessons that show teachers how to teach an arts area and a curricular subject area combined to increase engagement and understanding in both!

Digital Poetry
Drama inspired story starters
Creative Storytelling through Design and Puppetry
Reading Comprehension through story creation

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