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The Orlando Rep Youth Academy


Orlando REP Youth Academy

  • High School Musical 2 Jr

    Summer 2022

    The gang is back for an action-packed summer extravaganza as Troy, Gabriella, and the rest of the Wildcats finish junior year and blast onto the summer scene in Disney's High School Musical 2 Jr. At the Lava Springs Country Club, popular girl, Sharpay, reigns supreme while the Wildcats get to work - literally! Follow our East High favorites as they face the realities of the adult world and begin to grow up. Friendships are tested, summer romances go haywire, and the meaning of success is redefined.

Orlando REP

Teen Perspectives Lab

Our current project is #Enough. https://www.enoughplays.com/ 



Serve as a role model and inspire others!

Apprentices are an important part of the classroom team, helping to maintain a positive nurturing environment for students. Apprentices serve as role models, mentors, and Teaching Artist’s assistants. Earn community service or Bright Futures hours while learning more about theatre, leadership, and teaching!


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