Writes Of Spring 2021 Auditions!

Writes of Spring is seeking Non-Equity actors for a unique original show. Writes of Spring is a writing competition that encourages students to enhance their writing skills through creative expression. Each year, Orlando REP accepts hundreds of student submissions from kindergarten through 12th​ grade. Excerpts from the winning entries are compiled to create an original play using the students’ original words and ideas. The final script is fully produced by Orlando REP and UCF graduate students and presented online in April.

Please see the following for the Rehearsal Schedule, Audition Guideline, COVID-19 Procedures, and Character Breakdown. There is no tuition required to participate in Writes of Spring and there is also no compensation for actors. We strongly encourage all ethnicities to audition for all productions.

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE(full rehearsal schedule available at auditions) 

Rehearsals Begin: Monday, February 1st 

Rehearsal Schedule: February 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 26; 6pm-8:30 pm

Online Winner’s Workshop: Saturday, February 13; 9am-10:30am

Tech Week: Sunday, February 28th 1pm-5pm & March 2, 5pm-8pm

Performance Recording: March 2, 4, 5th; 5pm-8pm

Performance Release: April 16th 2021



The safety and well being of all involved with Writes of Spring 2021 is our top priority.  Face coverings and physical distancing will be implemented throughout the rehearsal process, with occasional outdoor opportunities to rehearse without masks at a safe distance.  The performance will be staged implementing safety and distance, however actors will be asked to perform without a face covering for the final recording. 


(We strongly encourage all ethnicities to audition for all productions. Actor tracks are subject to change and ensemble tracks are listed as possible actor tracks that give a general idea. Actor tracks finalized after auditions. AGES ARE SIMPLY GUIDELINES AND ARE NOT NECESSARILY ADHERED TO.) 

  • LEO: A middle schooler of Columbian and Cuban descent. He’s a bit mature for his age and loves to wax poetic.
  • TILLIE: A middle schooler of German descent. She is the sunshine of the group, always thinking forward and exciting her group to do more.
  • LIZZIE: A middle schooler of Jewish descent. She cares heavily about the traditions she passes on, and is very empathetic when her friends need her.
  • MATT: A middle schooler of Chinese descent, who practices Islam. He is the goofball of the group, but struggles to live up to his parents’ standards.
  • ELEN: A middle schooler of any ethnicity. She tries to be uplifting, but she is struggling with distance from her family and her brother’s inevitable deporation.

Doubling Roles

  • GALVIN: Elen’s brother. Recently graduated from high school and excited to join the military &

ELEN’s DAD: Emotionally distant, but trying his best to be there for his daughter.

  • LIZZIE’S MOM: Bonded closely with her daughter, and loves passing down tradition. &

TEACHER: A voiceover announcing devastating news.

  • TILLIE’S DAD: Bonded closely with his daughter, and encourages her goofiness. &

TAKEOUT CASHIER: Just here trying to do his job.