Working together to safely

have fun together.


The health and safety of our students, staff, and patrons are our top priority. Orlando REP is excited to offer in-person classes but we must work together to keep our students and staff safe.

Our comprehensive Keeping Classes Safe – Health & Safety Plan is based on guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and recommendations from local government.


Orlando REP’s Keeping Camps Safe – Health & Safety Plan may be reviewed below. We cannot wait to have you join us for a wonderful class experience BUT we must work together to safely have fun together. To do that responsibly, all staff, students, and families must follow all health & safety guidelines.

We are here to help you prepare for your class! We invite you to connect with us with questions by email at [email protected] or phone by calling (407) 896-7365.

Prior to Registration

  • Review Orlando REP’s comprehensive Keeping Classes Safe – Health & Safety Plan. For questions or additional information, connect with an Orlando REP team member by email at [email protected] or phone by calling 407-896-7365.

Before You Arrive

  • Consult Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) resources to determine if your child or anyone they have come in contact with is showing symptoms of an acute respiratory illness consistent with COVID-19. These symptoms include a fever (100.4° F or greater), coughing, and shortness of breath. If these symptoms are present DO NOT report to class, refer to CDC guidelines for COVID-19 testing, and contact Orlando REP for assistance with next steps for your camp experience.
  • Set your child up for a safe camp experience by preparing their face covering and reviewing with your child camp guidelines including social distancing, cough and sneeze etiquette, and proper hand washing techniques.
  • Confirm your class drop-off time slot and location (Welcome Point). This information can be found in your Preparing for a Safe Class Experience email.


  • At your scheduled drop-off time, report to your assigned drop-off location (Welcome Point).
  • Make sure your child has their face mask on and remains in your vehicle. A designated staff member greets you to facilitate check-in.
  • Once students have successfully been granted entry, parents should clear the area to expedite other check-ins.
  • Students are escorted, socially distanced (three feet apart), inside the building to wash their hands before reporting to their class space.

Camp Day

  • Each class has its own contained class space, pick-up/drop-off location, restrooms, and other building amenities.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times by staff and students. Opportunities for face mask breaks are worked into class schedules. Frequency of face mask breaks depend upon class schedule, and space availability.
  • Students are socially distanced (three feet apart) in the class space. Class activities have been modified to comply with social distancing guidelines.


  • Student pick-up is conducted outside the building at the same location as your drop-off (Welcome Point). Parents and approved pick-up individuals must remain in their vehicles.
  • Students remain socially distanced inside the building as they wait to be picked up.
  • To expedite pick-up, parents are provided two vehicle placards with their student’s last name to be placed on the dashboard for pick-up. This allows our staff to prepare your student for pick-up when your vehicle approaches the Welcome Point.
  • Parents and approved pick-up individuals must have the provided vehicle placards displayed on the dashboard when picking up. Approved pick-up individuals without a vehicle placard displayed are required to present a photo ID to pick-up their student.
  • A staff member escorts your student to the vehicle for curbside pick-up.
  • Once your student’s pick-up is complete, please clear the area to expedite other pick-ups.

Additional Safety Measures

  • We ask parents and students to take extra care to ensure that their student has all materials needed for the day at the time of drop-off. Parents needing to drop-off/pick-up students outside of the normal drop-off/pick-up windows may pull up to the main entrance for curbside pick-up/drop-off.
  • Orlando REP uses CDC and EPA recommended disinfectant and cleaning products to clean high-touch surfaces throughout the day. Additionally, camp spaces are electrostatically disinfected weekly.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes are available to staff and students to maintain a sanitized environment throughout the day.
  • Water fountains are available for use.  Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles for refill throughout the class day.
  • Should a student feel ill during the day, they are provided a space away from fellow students to wait until they can be picked up.


All students and their families must comply with Orlando REP’s health and safety protocols. Individuals that do not follow health and safety protocols will not be permitted to attend class. Orlando REP continues to monitor updates related to COVID-19 and will inform you of any changes to the Keeping Camps Safe – Health & Safety Plan in-person at Check-In/Check-Out and by email. If at anytime in-person classes are no longer deemed safe, Orlando REP reserves the right to discontinue in-person class offerings.