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The Orlando Rep Youth Academy


Orlando REP Youth Academy

  • Spring


    World Premier Pickle Chiffon Pie (3-8 grades)
    The K of D (7-12 grades)

Orlando REP

Teen Perspectives Lab

The Teen Perspectives Lab provides teens, ages 13 to 18, opportunities to work on theatre that reflects and challenges their unique perspective on the world. Students are asked to find purpose through performance by telling stories that resonate with their own lives or by creating theatre with empathy and attention to other types of audiences.

Upcoming staged reading of Ghosts in the Machine is October 18 at 7:00pm!



Serve as a role model and inspire others!

Apprentices are an important part of the classroom team, helping to maintain a positive nurturing environment for students. Apprentices serve as role models, mentors, and Teaching Artist’s assistants. Earn community service or Bright Futures hours while learning more about theatre, leadership, and teaching!

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